Abbot Kinney - Town Founder (1850-1920)

Founding of Ocean Park - 1891

Construction of "Venice of America" (1904-1905)

Discovery of Oil

Filling in Venice of America's Canals

Venice's Airport & Aerial Stunt Shows

Gambling, Bingo & Prohibition

Miniature Railroad

Debunking Venice's History Myths

Venice Projects - Never Built

Other Articles


Abbot Kinney Pier- (1905-1920)

Venice Amusement Pier - (1920-1946)

Fraser Pier - Ocean Park - (1911 - 1912)

Fraser / Pickering Pier - Ocean Park -
(1913 - 1924)

Ocean Park Pier - (1926 - 1956)

Pacific Ocean Park - (1958 - 1967)

Pacific Ocean Park Maps & Memories - Marty Lieboff

Hoppyland -

Horrendous Amusement Park Accidents

Other Articles


Historic Amusement Piers.


Santa Monica - North Beach

Santa Monica Pier

Chutes / Luna Park

Barnes Circus Zoo

Playa del Rey


List (1910 - 2006)


Businesses in Venice (1907-1938)

Venice Research Sources

Collecting Photos & Antique Postcards


Early Roller Coasters (1870 - 1886)


Reviews of Venice History Books

Amusement Park Books - List


Bookstore for Venice California - Coney Island of the Pacific - Centennial Edition

Index - Venice California - Coney Island of the Pacific - 2005 Centenial Ed.


Proposed Park Which Won an AIA Award


Jeffrey Stanton Biography






This interactive educational site (online since 1996) covers the history of Venice Beach, California. It features timelines, historic articles and photographs, interactive maps that when clicked on show historic views, and a list of movies filmed on Venice's streets, amusement piers and canals.

NOTE: This list needs updated by people who watch many recent movies and television shows.

Venice California was considered the "Coney Island of the Pacific" during the first half of the 20th Century. It was a town built to resemble Venice, Italy and with its network of canals, business district built in Venetian architectural style, and its two huge amusement piers, it became the finest amusement resort on the America's West Coast.

The historic articles and photographs for this educational site are based on Jeffrey Stanton's history book, "Venice California - 'Coney Island of the Pacific.'; The author who is the content provider for this educational site, has condensed material from his book for these articles and has digitized numerous photographs and color antique postcards from his archives. The majority of the images used here are are not among the 367 historic photos used in his book. While only 34 antique color postcards were used in Stanton's book, over 150 were digitized for this site. Many of the additional 150 B&W historic photos are seen here for the first time. The 43 modern color photographs used to illustrate the 1996 Venice Map were Jeff's photo postcards that were sold at several stores and at Stanton's weekend table on Venice's Ocean Front Walk for 33 years. They are all photographs by the author.

The material is copyrighted © 1996 to 2013 by Jeffrey Stanton. While students may use it freely in their school reports, commercial use of the material in any printed form is prohibited without permission and fees paid to the author.

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