Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Venice

Locals Guide to Free Interet Wi-Fi at Venice Beach

Let a local show you around so you can discover the free Wi-Fi hotspots in Venice. I am always on the go with my laptop and need a place to get online. The Wi-Fi locations listed below offer free Internet access, usually for an exchange for patronizing their business. For a little quid pro quo, you can be surfing the web by Venice Beach. You can also see the free Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Santa Monica. Wi-Fi hot spots are rated on my exclusive shaka rating system so you can surf the net like a local.

  1. Cafe Buna
    3105 Washington Blvd.
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
    5 Shaka Rating 5 Shaka Rating
    This is my favorite breakfast/work place. I also review this place on my Breakfast Restaurants in Venice page. Not crowded in the morning and no problems logging onto the Wi-Fi system. I use FTP and other ports without having any problems. They also have a computer kiosk which you can feed dollar bills into to get online. They close in the afternoon.
  2. The Cow's End
    34 Washington Blvd.
    Venice, CA 90292
    4 Shaka Rating 4 Shaka Rating
    This is within a stones through of the beach and the Venice Pier. Open all hours is great for coffee, simple breakfast and great smoothies. To get online, you will need to get passcode from someone behind the counter and then your free to get on the their Wi-Fi System. You can get parking near the crack of dawn, but other then that, parking it tough.
  3. Venice Abbot Kinney Memorial Library
    501 South Venice Blvd.
    Venice, CA 90291
    4 Shaka Rating 4 Shaka Rating
    A few years back, all Los Angeles City Libraries got Wi-Fi Internet access. It is a free public Wi-Fi system that you just need to agree to the terms and conditions on your first browser window and your good to go. They also provide computer terminals that you can just sit down and start using with your Los Angeles City Library card. Closed on Sundays :(
  4. Venice Grind
    12224 Venice Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90066
    4.5 Shaka Rating 4½ Shaka Rating
    This coffee house is not really in Venice proper, but it is on Venice Blvd. and is called the Venice Grind. Good Wi-Fi signal and easy log-on. Locals are hanging out with their heads down into their laptops. There are a few tables in front and a big patio in back. And of course good coffee with a $.60 refill charge. Street parking is not that great, but you may find parking in the back, just go down the alley until you see the palm trees poking up behind the *gasp* coiled razor wire.
  5. Rumor Mill
    Washing Day Coin Laundry

    11739 W. Washington Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90066
    4.5 Shaka Rating 4½ Shaka Rating
    With purchase, you get one hour free Wi-Fi Internet access. The Rumer Mill also has four computers that are on a no-cost, first-come, first-serve basis. After you order, they give you a user name and password to enter on your first browser window. They have different angle to this place, it is connected to coin operated laundromat. You can wash your clothes while surfing the net. They have lots of seating and tables but it is popular and may have trouble finding a seat when it is busy and they are open till 10:00pm. I was able to get FTP access so I could update my websites. Parking can be tough too but there is limited parking in back. After you have driven up a long narrow driveway, you may need to back out.
  1. IHOP Restaurant
    4070 Lincoln Blvd
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    3.5 Shaka Rating 3½ Shaka Rating
    This is what it is, an IHOP. OKish Breakfast but the Wi-Fi works great. They were very accommodating at this IHOP Restaurant when I inquired about the Wi-Fi. They made sure I sat at a table with a power plug; however, I did not need it due to my laptop's superior battery life :)

What is a Shaka?

Shaka Hand Sign

The shaka hand sign comes from Hawaiian locals to convey meanings like "all right" or "cool." Residents of California use the shaka as meaning "hang loose" in the island spirit. I have used the shaka as my rating system because the majority of the visitors to this website are looking for something special. Instead of stars or thumbs-ups, I use my exclusive shaka rating system so you will know that Californian locals will consider it cool. Top places get 5 shakas and any place that is 3 shakas and lower won't be listed, they just aren't cool.