A Venice Photo Album

A typical weekend along Ocean Front Walk - Photo by Jeffery Stanton

Walking along the Ocean Front Walk, one will see a broad variety of artists, musicians, street performers and tarot card readers. This is where residents and tourists alike come to check out the local color. Unwittingly the visitor becomes part of the Venice scene. The following photos are a small sample of what one might see on a walk through Venice.

Scenes Along the Beach...

Venice Beach Bikepath - Photo by Jeffery Stanton



Laura Hodges is just one of the beautiful women that roller skate in Venice - Photo by Jeffery Stanton


This unusual sand sculpture was created by "Sandman", Scott B. Dosh - Photo by Jeffery Stanton



Venice has many unusual buildings from the past and the present.

The binocular sculpture contains functioning conference rooms for the adjoining building - Photo by Jeffery Stanton



Jonathan Borofsky's controversial "Ballerina Clown" graces the Renaissance building at Rose and Main - Photo by Jeffery Stanton


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