If you are being chased down Venice Beach by a crazed man with a chain saw, donít worry. Itís just Robert Gruenberg scaring up an audience for his chain saw juggling show. He is just one of the many side shows on a Venice weekend

Robert Gruenberg, Venice's Chainsaw Juggler / Comedian, juggles three running chainsaws. - Photo by Jeffery Stanton
Harry Perry - Worlds most famous street performer - Photo by Jeffery Stanton

Although they pop up in many cities today, Venice has always been a mecca for the Street Performer. The Venice boardwalk features beach side entertainment from the most recognized - Harry Perry, Venice Legend- Guitar playing street musician on roller skates - to the newest professional bum: 'The Worlds Greatest Wino'. They work in the world of 'in your face' guerrilla theater. It takes the bravest or most fanatic type of person to become successful in this venue. Many have staked their very livelihoods on this form of live performance. Unfortunately after a exciting performance of juggling, comedy and music many satisfied customers just walk away leaving these jesters nothing.

A street performer blows fire along the Ocean Front Walk - Photo by Jeffery Stanton

Traveling along Ocean Front Walk, you'll meet dancers, comedians, musicians, jugglers, weightlifters, skaters, preachers, artists in virtually every medium, and of course the beautiful California bikini clad girls. Venice Beach offers an insight into Los Angeles' beachfront counterculture that has grown with it's own unique identity since the turn of the century. The moment you arrive, you'll be immersed in the theme that is today's Venice.
Comedian and entertainer, Tony Vera balances a young lady on his chin as she sits on a chair - Photo by Jeffery Stanton

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