Coney Island - 1906

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General Coney Island
Drop the Dips Coaster
Stauch's Restaurant
Henderson's Dance Hall
Cannon coaster
View of Rides from W. 12th
Loop the Loop coaster
Pike's Peak scenic railway
Iron Tower
New Iron Pier
Balmer's Bathing Pavilion
Galveston Flood Building
Rocky Road to Dublin scenic railway
Thompson Scenic Railway
Sea Beach Palace
New York to North Pole
Johnstown Flood Building
Rough Riders Scenic Railway
Bathing Beauties at Beach
Surf Avenue @ Night
Steeplechase Park
Air Ships
Steeplechase Ride
Ferris Wheel
Swimming Pool
Luna Park
Electric Tower
Trip to the Moon
Dragon's Gorge
Dreamland Tower
Shoot the Chutes
Midget City
Bathhouses and Leap Frog Rialroad
Fighting the Flames
Bostock's Arena

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