Venice - 1925

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Panorama View of Venice
Central (Westminister) School
Washington Boulevard Business District
Dome House on Cabrillo Canal
Alderbaren Canal
Lagoon Bathhouse
View of Boating on Lagoon
Antler Hotel and Lagoon
Lion Canal
View Venice Lagoon looking West
Amphitheater at Lagoon
Race Thru the Clouds Roller Coaster
Venice Boat House
Midway Plaisance (1906)
Tent City
Villa City
Venice Miniature Railroad
Cabrillo & Altair Canals
United States Island
Venice Miniature Railroad Roundhouse
Ince Airfield
Aerial View of Strong & Dickerson Canals
Strong & Dickerson Canal Views
Vanguard Newspaper Office
Loreli Street
Sunset Ballroom
Pacific Electric Trolleys
Menotti's Bar
Windward Avenue at Night
Windward Avenue view East
People's Drug Company
Market Street
Gas House
Merryland & Strand Restaurant
Ocean Front Walk at Plunge
Ocean Front Walk view North
Waldorf Hotel
Venice Plunge
Beach View Behind Plunge
Some Kick Roller Coaster
Venice Fun House
Venice Dance Hall
Flying Circus
View of Venice Pier Midway
Giant Dipper Roller Coaster
Ship Cafe
Dragon Bamboo Slide
Great American Racing Derby
Children's Playground
Aerial Views of Venice

Map Key - Black Numbers

1. Club House Country Club
2. Central School (now Westminster School)
3. Miniature Railroad Route ----
4. Electric Trolley "Red Car" route ++++
5. Venus Canal (now San Juan Avenue)
6. Coral Canal (now Main Street)
7. Cabrillo Canal
8. Venice's oldest house @ 1223 Cabrillo
9. Aldebaren Canal (now Market Street)
10. United States Island
11. Altair Canal
12. Rialto Street
13. Miniature Railroad Roundhouse
14. Site of Ince Field
15. Grand Canal (now Grand Boulevard)
16. Villa City
17. Abbot Kinney Estate
18. Antler Hotel
19. Venice Powerhouse & Steam Plant
20. Lagoon Bathhouse
21. Venice Lagoon (now Traffic Circle)
22. Venice Vanguard Newspaper Office
23. Race Thru the Clouds Roller Coaster site
24. Grand Canal Extension
25. Carroll Canal
26. Linnie Canal
27. Eastern Canal
28. Howland Canal
29. Sherman Canal
30. Venice Plunge
31. Neptune Theater
32. Mecca Buffet (later Gas House)
33. Venice Theater
34. St. Marks Hotel
35. Kinney Company offices
36. Fire Station
37. Venice Dance Hall
38. Fun House
39. Some Kick roller coaster
40. Ship Cafe
41. Dragon Bamboo Slide
42. Racing Derby
43. Giant Dipper Roller Coaster
44. Sunset Ballroom
45. Sunset Pier

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