Pacific Ocean Park Pier - 1959

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Entrance & Ticket Booth
Westinghouse Enchanted Forest
Sea Circus
Space Wheels
Diving Bells
Ocean Skyway
Ocean Highway
Sea Serpent Coaster & Ferris Wheel
Neptune's Kingdom
Flight to Mars
Magic Carpet Ride
Mirror Maze
Whirlpool (Rotor)
Safari Ride
Carousel (Looff)
Davy Jones' Locker
Flying Fish Ride
Flying Dutchman
View of Midway & Roller Coaster
Mr. Dolphin Aerial Ride
Mystery Island
Aerial View of Pier

Map Key - Black Numbers

1. Magic Carpet Ride
2. Aragon Ballroom (not in park)
3. Mirror Maze
4. Whirlpool (Rotor)
5. Safari Ride
6. Merry-go-round (Looff)
7. Davy Jones Locker
8. Flying Fish
9. Fisherman's Cove
10. Galleon Race
11. Mr. Dolphin
12. Mrs. Squid
13. Mstery Island
14. Fly-o-plane
15. Deepest Deep
16. Mr. Octopus
17. Around the World in 80 Turns 18. Rock-o-plane
19. Sea Spin
20. Flying Dutchman
21. Sea Tub Adventure
22. Sea Ram
23. Sea Serpent roller coaster
24. Flight to Mars
25. Neptune's Kingdom
26. Fun Forest
27. Ferris Wheel
28. Ocean Highway
29. Ocean Skyway
30. Diving Bells
31. Space Wheels
32. Super Sea Circus
33. Westinghouse Enchanted Forest
34. Neptune's Courtyard

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