Abbot Kinney Pier - 1920

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Views inland from end of pier
Attractions at end of pier
Venice Observatory
Great American Racing Derby
Virginia Reel
Venice Scenic Railroad
Dance Hall
Japanese & International Pavilion
Bandstand Tower
Mill Chutes
Noah's Ark
Pier Midway looking seaward
Ocean Inn
Ship Cafe
Ferris Wheel
View inland of Pier
Attractions along Ocean Front Walk
Beach behind the Plunge
Venice Plunge
Beach near Pier
Aerial Pier Views
Dentzel Carousel
Airplane on Beach & Pier
Side View of Pier towards North

Map Key - Black Numbers

1. Venice Plunge
2. Sea Swings
3. California Theater
4. Bandstand
5. Billiard Hall & Bowling Alleys
6. Cafeteria
7. Dance Hall
8. Virgina Reel
9. Whip
10. Great American Racing Derby
11. Auditorium
12. Aquarium
13. Flying Seaplanes
14. Tea Garden & Zoo
15. Over the Falls
16. Hellarity Hall
17. Captive Aeroplanes
18. Clay Pidgeon Gallery
19. Roller Skating Rink
20. Ferris Wheel
21. Ship Cafe
22. Ocean Inn
23. Merry-go-round (Dentzel)
24. Noah's Ark
25. Mill Chutes
26. Big Dipper roller coaster

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