Fraser "Million Dollar" Pier - 1912

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Dragon Gorge Scenic Railroad
Ocean Front Walk - View North
Grand Canyon Scenic Railroad
View Dragon Gorge & Grand Canyon Railroads
Panama Canal & Baby Incubator Exhibits
Castle Court
Hippodrome (Carousel)
Starland Theater
Fraser's Dance Pavilion
Breaker's Restaurant
Crooked House
Beach view of Fraser's Pier
View of Million Dollar Pier

Map Key - Black Numbers

1. Dragon Gorge Scenic Railroad
2. Grotto Revolving Restaurant
3. Auto Maze
4. Looff Hippodrome (Carousel)
5. Casino
6. Autotorium & Bandstand
7. Roller Skating Rink
8. Panama Canal Exhibit
9. The Tombs
10. Wild Men
11. Crooked House
12. Grand Canyon Scenic Railroad
13. Castle Court
14. Hippodrome (Philadelphia Tobaggan)
15. Fraser Dance Pavilion
16. Starland Vaudaville Theater
17. Breaker's Restaurant

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