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Works and Words by Eleanore Fahey

The Venice Canals offer me the unique combination of two favorite subject matters, small boats and old houses. I go to the Canals on weekdays for the peace and visual excitement. I love the architectural variety, ornamented by palms and festooned in vines of ivy and sweet pea, which is then reflected in the placid waterways.

Canal Landscapes

Eleanore has been commissioned to do many works. If you are interested in seeing more of her works or interested in buying her art, she will be very happy to her from you. You will have to contact her by snail mail, we have not been able to get her on line yet.

Mail to:

Eleanore Fahey
P.O. Box 9464
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295

The Westland Network can forward her e-mail at:

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