Art on the Rebound

A Collection of Essays on Art and Culture

By R.Cronk

Part I: Cultural Mythology in America

1. Ethics in America in the Wake of Christianity

2. The Television Mystique: Electric Synchrony and the Television Totem

3. Consumerism and the New Capitalism

4. The Dynamics of Mythology in Diachronic Culture

Part II: Art on the Rebound

5. The Rise and Fall of (Post-)Modern

6. Innovation and the Art Bureaucracy

7. Esoteric Art and the Public Venue

8. The Pseudo-Autonomy of Art

9. The Eroding Value of the Image and Its Effect on Art

10. Art on the Rebound

11. Mimesis and the Aesthetic Response

12. Aesthetic Bearing: Self-Awareness through Cultural Integration

13. The Figurative Language of the Art Myth

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