Peabody High School - Pittsburgh Class of 1963

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Peabody High School  on Penn Avenue in East Liberty section of Pittsburgh had students from six elementary schools in the area. I went to Sunnyside School in Stanton Heights and then to Morningside School for 7th and 8th grades since Sunnyside stopped at 6th grade. I created this web site since I couldn’t find a class web site where I could put my high school photos. I owned a beginner’s camera, an Argus 75 twin reflex box camera that had no focus and no speed or aperture settings. It was adequate on sunny days and had a flash that used those big flash bulbs. While the photo prints I made as a teenager were barely adequate, the photos that I scanned were made in my B&W darkroom about 2005 when I was printing historic photos for my Venice California - Coney Island of the Pacific history book on an expensive 4 x5 inch enlarger.

Peabody High School – Photos – Williamsburg 9th GradeTrip & 12th Grade graduation picnic by Jeffrey Stanton

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Sunnyside & Morningside Class photos.

Swim Clubs – Montclair, Oakmont (East McKeesport) , and Schwer’s

Photos Wanted: I don’t think I was the only one that took photos during high school. Certainly students who worked on the yearbook did, and some students must have saved class photos from grade school. Even at Sunnyside, there were several classes for each year, at least two and maybe three.

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Memories Wanted: Additional Peabody Memories – Please Submit via E-mail.

While the initial memories accompanying the photos are mine from high school, I hope that classmates will add to them via E-mail. Perhaps I’m not the best one to describe life at Peabody since I basically had no social friends. I was either ignored or bullied and beat up. I was often sent to the principal’s office for fighting back. It wasn’t until my early 50s that I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or high functioning autism. Children sense those vibes and shun those who don’t fit in. Since like many children with Asperger’s, I was a math science wiz and had classes with mainly smart kids and I’m unlikely to relate to those who were less gifted. When I attended my 40th class reunion, classmates remember me as brilliant. I don’t think so, for my erratic test taking, and C grades in English and German earned me slightly less than a B average. I wasn’t on the honor role. Yes I had high SAT scores and was accepted to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY where I earned a bachelors and a masters degrees in mechanical engineering.

And I think my hobbies and parents’ interests didn’t coincide with my classmates.  My father liked boats and when I was 12 we bought a 27 foot Chris-Craft cabin cruiser while on vacation in Ocean City, MD. It was docked on the Allegheny River, and most patents thought the river was too dangerous for their kids. There were only 100 boats at three marinas on the river so owning a boat wasn’t common. I was never home on weekends or in the summer.   I collected coins, but nearly all the kids I traded with were a year or two younger. I had an endless amount of coins that had been searched through since my dad was part owner of the largest vending machine company in western Pennsylvania.

Although I had a strong fear of heights and didn’t ride my first roller coaster until I was 14, I always liked amusement parks. When I was at my 40th class reunion, I announced on Sunday night at the banquet that I was going to go to Kennywood Park on Monday, and invited classmates to go with me. Everyone said it was for kids and that we only went on school picnic outings. I went by myself, had a good time, and decided not to attend my 50th reunion because I have nothing in common with my classmates. Since I live in Los Angeles, I have a Disneyland Season Pass and go about every two weeks (a 44 mile drive). When I tell people I’m going they say, “What are you 10?,” and I reply-“No, I’m 10-3/4, I’ll be 11 soon.” There are 1.2 million season pass holders in Southern California and I meet many in lines at the park, yet I can’t find someone to go with.

When I was fifteen my mother was tired of the boat so my family joined the Montclair Swim Club at the Old Blue Dell pool on Route 30. About 75% of the families were from Squirrel Hill and the rest mainly from Stanton Heights or the Highland Park district. My Peabody classmates rarely hung out at the club, although sometimes their younger brothers or sisters were on the swim team like Arnold Broudy’s brother Norman. The kids were nicer to me and I played bridge, which was a fad in the early 1960s among teens. Unfortunately the season was only three months long.

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