Sinclair Oil Pavilion

Sinclair at their pavilion attempted to recreate the Earth as it existed during the time of the dinosaurs 165 million years ago in an exhibit called Dinoland. Nine fiberglass dinosaurs, three of them animated, (all by sculptor Louis Paul Jonas) were displayed in an outdoor garden setting. A Tyrannosaurus Rex (meat eater) was shown attacking a Triceratops (a plant eater) while nearby stood an Ankylosaurus (armored dinosaur). Further on stood a duck-billed Corythosaurus standing in a lagoon, a Stegosaurus and a tiny Ornitholestes. And on the pavilion roof stood a giant Brontosaurus, 27 feet tall and 70 feet long, its head swinging back and forth as it peered down at traffic on the Grand Central Parkway.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs on display in Sinclair's Dinoland.

Within the building was a 45 foot long exhibit with erupting volcanoes, flashing lightning and bubbling streams. The display showed the Earth at various stages of its evolution form its birth 4.5 billion years ago, to the appearance of marine life and formation of oil 600 million years ago and the early dinosaurs 200 million years ago. Large dioramas and color photos showed Sinclair's oil operations and a view of the company's role in the future.

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