Polynesia Pavilion

The village was built around two South Sea island "long houses" - one a restaurant, the other a setting for Polynesian dances. South Sea palm tress were planted about and there was a lagoon where beautiful Polynesian girls piloted outrigger canoes and natives dove for oysters. Pearl jewelry and other items were on sale in four thatched-hut shops.

Every hour on the hour from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M> performances were given by dancers from American Somoa. Dancers ranged from a strapping chief to school children, and included lava-lava-clad dancing girls. Three foot long knives were brandished in one of the dances and in other the knives were covered with an inflammable substance and set ablaze.

Admission was $1.00 for adults and 50 cents for children.

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