Montana Pavilion

The state known as "The Big Sky Country" mounted an exhibit full of the spirit of the Western frontier. At the heart of the exhibit were seven railroad cars, parked on a rail siding and painted on the exterior with 16 foot murals of Western scenes by Montana artist Lyman Rice. Three of the cars housed a museum, another displayed a collection of cattle brands and the remainder contained shops.

The Museum of Wheels contained mounted examples of Montana fish and wildlife, along with paintings and sculptures of Charles M. Russell and Frederic Remington, along others. There was also exhibits from Montana's state and national parks along with a million dollars of gold nuggets. Additional displays contained a collection of mementos of Western personalities; guns and saddles once used by Wild Bill Hickok, General George Armstrong Custer and Buffalo Bill Cody.

Also on the pavilion grounds were two corrals, two log forts and several Indians. One of the two corrals contained a stuffed pinto horse which people could mount to have their picture taken, and a mechanical buffalo that could be driven about. The other contained various live cattle breeds that were raised in Montana. The Indians encamped at the exhibit gave several shows daily of tribal dancing.

The Montana pavilion was laid out like a ranch.

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