Louisiana Pavilion

New Orleans' famed Bourbon Street was reconstructed in their large pavilion. Jazz was the theme and many well-known musicians performed in the picturesque buildings that lined the 200 yard thoroughfare. There was dancing in the big Teen Carnival and for adults, Danceland featured music by Sammy Kaye. Jazz for marching was played for miniature Mardi Gras parades.

Louisiana products, including pralines, were on sale in the market area that contained specialty shops. A large exhibition hall was devoted to historical and industrial displays. Along the streets, artists drew quick portraits of visitors in charcoal and pastels. Nearby was a troupe of performing animals.

French and Creole food were combined with Jazz in a variety of restaurants and cabarets. Fresh seafood was flown in daily from the Gulf ports and bayous of Louisiana.

The Bourbon Street market area with its restaurants..

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