Illinois Pavilion

The state that Abraham Lincoln called home displayed the largest collection of Lincolniana ever assembled for a World's Fair. Artifacts included an original copy of the Gettysburg Address and every known photograph of the 16th U.S. president.

The highlight of the pavilion in a 500 seat theater was a life-sized audio-animatronic figure designed by Walt Disney. It performed in a show called "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" where the animated figure recited excerpts from Lincoln's speeches on liberty, civil rights and freedom. It looked, acted and spoke like Lincoln. Its facial features were taken from Lincoln's life mask and the figure's face could smile and frown as he spoke.

A realistic "animatronic" (robotic) version of Abe Lincoln lectured the audience.

Another part of the pavilion featured a restoration of the Hill-McNamara store in New Salem, Lincoln's first Illinois home town. Lincoln's bust, documents and papers were also on display in the pavilion, as well as information centers extolling the state's vacation facilities.

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