Hong Kong Pavilion

Kong Kong's pavilion, sponsored by the Hong Kong Trading Company, Inc., with its upswept eaves. intense colors and intricate carvings, captured the spirit of Kong Kong Asian architecture. It contained special Oriental exhibits and shops and had two restaurants and a cafe. The restaurants served hundreds of dishes including Cantonese squab, duckling stuffed with shark fin, and shrimp and beef in lily leaves.

The pavilion's first floor was a replica of a busy modern street in the colony. On both sides were little shops and stalls where jade and ivory pieces were carved to order, measurements were taken for custom clothing, and a wide variety of other merchandise was sold.

The Hong Kong Pavilion.

The entrance to pavilion's adjacent Crown Colony Club was flanked by two tiny sampans and the huge junks with their multi-colored sails, and had the distinctive appearance of a Hong Kong dockside. On display in the club were antique furniture, richly colored rugs and a numerous art objects. During the evening Chinese opera singers, acrobats and other groups performed.

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