Hall of Free Enterprise

The pavilion, sponsored by the American Economic Foundation, explained the principles of "free competitive enterprise, properly regulated, unhampered by unwarranted interference" in a variety of ways.

Hall of Free Enterprise.

A theater in the round had a show on "bread and butter issues". The seats in the oval theater slowly swiveled to follow a show called "Mr. Both Comes to Town," staged on sets that encircled the audience. An animated wire figure represented man's dilemma; as producer he wants higher wages for his work; as consumer he wants to buy goods at lower prices.

Other exhibits included a three-dimensional, animated wall panel where America's corporate economy came to life. Polarized light made money appear to flow in tubes, to show how it was channeled into purchases, payrolls, taxes and profits, until the books were balanced. A symbolic revolving "tree" stood 12 feet high. It was designed to demonstrate the factors of economic growth; the natural resources that man taped, the jobs at which he worked, the tools he used and the goods that he produced and bought.

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