General Cigar Pavilion

Although small, General Cigar's pavilion featured a magic show, Movies in the Round, and a machine that could blow 12 foot diameter smoke rings 150 feet into the air.

In their 10 minute Magic Show in the pavilion's theater a magician caused human beings and objects to appear from nowhere, float about and then disappear. Afterwards visitors could puzzle over a "hand machine" where two life-sized hands projecting from strips of metal and nothing behind them, moved and made human gestures.

General Cigar and Sports Illustrated co-sponsored a bird's eye view of sports in motion, projected on a screen 360 degrees around but sunk in a well. Visitors could look down while they walked around the well at baseball, football, hockey and other games photographed from above. The climax was a parachute sequence in which the viewer himself seemed to be descending.

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