Florida Pavilion

A 110 foot tower topped by a giant plastic orange rose over the palm trees and carousel-shaped structures. The other buildings in the tropical setting included a large State Exhibit Hall, a Porpoise Pool and a Stadium seating 1,600 and covered by a suspended plastic roof, a homesite area that featured model homes.

In the State Exhibit Hall were displays of priceless objects of art on loan from Florida museums and private collectors. There were also exhibits relating to Florida communities, industry, agriculture, sports and education. A series of scale models told the story of the U.S. space program.

On the site were several "floating" buildings that looked like ultra-modern houseboats but actually rested on pilings in Meadow Lake. In one was the Florida Development Commission, an official agency that gave out tourist information. The other had a display by the Minute Maid Company.

The homesite area had a full-sized furnished house and swimming pool and several scale-model houses set in a garden. They showcased the latest in Florida living.

Porpoise 20 minute show - adults $2.00; children $1.00

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