Du Pont Pavilion

The circular Du Pont pavilion.

Du Pont choose to combine show business and the science of chemistry in their big circular pavilion. A musical revue called "Wonderful World of Chemistry," which was written and produced by the Broadway composer Michael Brown, was presented simultaneously in two theaters by two casts of performers. The lively revue traced in song and dance the evolution of chemistry from ancient Greece to modern times. It featured an excursion into the world of fashion featuring clothes made from Du Pont fibers and created by some of the nation's top fashion designers.

A musical revue called "Wonderful World of Chemistry."

The demonstration following the show was called "Molecular Magic." A performer held a piece of red-hot metal with his hand protected only a thin sheet of material. Several of the 15 demonstrations included dipping a piece of cloth into a dye and pulling it out stripped, tossing paint onto cloth without staining it, producing nylon in a flask by combining two reagents.

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