Coca Cola Pavilion

Coca Cola's pavilion was an elliptical building two stories high, enclosing a large court. Its tower, a three-sided 120 foot spire contained the world's largest electronic carillon with 610 bells, It struck the hour at the Fair and was played in concerts by famous carillionneurs.

Coca Cola pavilion.

During a 15 minute stroll the visitor to its exhibit sampled five of the world's most spectacular places; a bustling Hong Kong street filled with colorful shops that ended at the shores of the harbor; a serene Indian garden whose fountains softly played and had the beautiful Taj Mahal in the background; a Bavarian ski lodge located in a mountain setting; a Cambodian forest contained the 12th century temple at Angkor Wat; and Rio de Janeiro glittering at night as viewed from a cruise ship anchored in the harbor.

Among the pavilion's other attractions was a special amateur radio center and a USO lounge for visiting servicemen.

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