Bell Systems Pavilion

Bell Systems presented the story of man's breathtaking advance in communications via a 15 minute armchair ride "From Drumbeat to Telstar" in a giant "floating wing" that comprised the upper story of the pavilion. The visitor was whisked through scenes showing man's progress in his efforts to communicate with others. Movies, stage sets, and projected pictures told the story with three-dimensional effects, accompanied by music and narration

Bell Telephone pavilion

The technological exhibits in the lower level of the Bell Pavilion were interspersed with games. Visitors choose whether to test their musical pitch or played tic-tac-toe. The visible speech exhibit transformed voices into visual symbols on a TV screen. Visitors used "picturephone" instruments, developed by the Bell Telephone Laboratories, that transmitted voice and image between two nearby booths. Displays depicted the products of more than 80 years of research.

Visitors using the Bell Picturephone.

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