Some of the biggest names in show business created a $2,000,000 extravaganza, "Wonder World" in the only permanent open-air auditorium on the fairgrounds. An international cast of 250 included singers and dancers, swimmers and divers, comedians and acrobats. The visual effects ranged from a giant 22,000 gallon per minute waterfall, to the launching, in a cloud of smoke, of a lady astronaut in a moon rocket. Shows lasted 90 minutes.

The production took place on a 75 foot diameter turntable, in a swimming pool in front of the stage, and on moving platforms that shuttled back and forth over the pool. On either side of the stage were acoustical shells for an orchestra and choral groups.

Admission for unreserved seats was $1.00; reserved section $2.25; special reserved section $3.50.

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