Alaska Pavilion

Alaska had a white, igloo shaped pavilion and three 30 foot totem, orginally carved for the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair stood in front. Eskimo and Indian craftsmen were at work behind the pavilion.

Exhibits inside showed Eskimo and Indian life, the Alaskan fishing industry and the state's booming development, especially a new coastal ferry system. There was an exhibit by Alaskan artists, and wildlife was represented by stuffed ebars, a 74 pound salmon, moose, caribou and others.

On the second floor was a theater with a 32 square foot topographical map of Alaska. During the 11 minute narration, portions of the model light up, and the dome itself became a planetarium portraying the skies over Alaska. Slides depicted the state's indutries and people at work.

Alaska Pavilion.

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