2000 Tribes Pavilion

This unusual pavilion was modeled on an aborigine hut and was named for 2,000 tribal groups throughout the world which were still so primitive that they had no written language. It was sponsored by the Wycliff Bible Translators who were dedicated to carrying the scriptures to primitive peoples. In the pavilion was a museum of artifacts from many different tribes. Five contemporary paintings depicted Amazon scenes.

On view in the museum were totem poles from the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest, brightly colored feather capes, carved wooden ornaments, bowls and woven work from North and South America. An exhibit showed how Amazon Indians make blowguns and mix the poison they put on their darts. On the stage of the 100 seat theater were panels 10 x 25 feet that depicted the dramatic scenes of the conversion of an Amazon jungle headhunter who learned to read and write, then taught his fellow tribesmen.

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