Telephone Pavilion

The Telephone Pavilion, sponsored by Canada's telephone companies, told the story of Canada and Communications. Its presentation "Canada 67", a movie filmed in Circle-Vision 360 degrees by the Walt Disney Company, was on everyone's "must see" list. Naturally there were long lines for the 18 minute movie.

The Canadian Telephone Pavilion.

"Canada 67" was a unique presentation of the wonders and events taking place throughout Canada. By completely surrounding the standing viewer with nine synchronized movie screens, it gave them the uncanny sense of participation in the events on screen. When they turned around while traveling on a moving boat, they could see the boat's wake receding behind them. And when the plane flying over Niagara Falls dipped its wings to keep the waterfalls in view, people instinctively grabbed the guard rails to keep from falling over.

The presentation which began on Canada's east coast with red-uniformed Mounties on horseback completely surrounding them, slowly traveled westward on various modes of transportation. The film visited large cities, open countryside, farm country and Canadian National Parks. One of its highlights was being in the middle of the Calgary Stampede.

Visitors were completely surrounded by nine synchronized movie screens in the presentation "Canada 67."

When the firm was over, visitors could sample some of the present and futuristic uses of the telephone. Picturephone booths let one see as well as talk to people on the other end of the phone line. There was an Enchanted Forest where children seated on toadstools could phone their favorite cartoon characters. And a display called "The Future" hinted at the promise of shopping and banking by telephone.

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