Switzerland Pavilion

Switzerland's Pavilion, having irregular cubic form, had two main levels. Its ground floor was faced entirely in glass, while its upper floor was covered in red cedar wood. Inside were exhibits on geography, its political and social structure, as well as its role in the world. They attempted to explain how in Switzerland it was possible to achieve a high standard of living despite a lack of raw materials.

Switzerland's modest pavilion had an air of simplicity and intimacy.

The industrial section showed various forms of generating electrical energy, advances of the Swiss chemical industry particularly in the pharmaceutical field, and their textile and garment industries. Its watch industry told of its research and showed its finest work. An electric time center, piloted by a cesium activated atomic clock, was accurate to a millionth of a second per day.

Switzerland's industrial exhibit.

The pavilion's 500 seat cinema showed a nice twenty minute film about their country, but compared to other pavilion's multi-screen film Switzerland's was very tame and was dismissed as merely educational.

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