Sermons in Science

The purpose of the Sermons from Science pavilion, built by several Canadian businessmen, was to illustrate "the role of man and science throughout the divine creation." Inside was a 300 seat projection room and a 65 seat lecture hall.

Thirteen films, popularizing a philosophy of science in religion, were shown using material drawn from the most exciting discoveries of modern science. They set out to prove the existence of providence and purpose in nature. The moral and spiritual lesson was presented discreetly and without denominational labels.

The scientific demonstrations, presided over by Dr. George E Speake of the Moody Scientific Institute, were striking. The man turned himself into a electric fire-lighter by passing a current of a million volts through his body to kindle a torch held in his hand. His purpose was not merely to astound people by scientific magic tricks, but to illuminate the bonds between man and his Creator that are revealed by science.

Sermons in Science building.

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