Pulp & Paper

The Canadian Pulp & Paper industry's pavilion was a stylized forest in which the tallest trees were as high as an eight story building. Paper, for which the forests produce the raw material, is the principal tool Man uses to record his thoughts and his actions. (This may be debatable in the age of computers, but it was true 30 years ago.)

Pulp & Paper pavilion.

The first of four exhibit areas showed forests legends of the world by combining sound effects and animation in a whimsical treatment. Visitors next entered two unusual theaters where walls suggested an unwinding roll of paper. They watched a show on paper's history. The third area explained the benefits Canadian pulp and paper brought to the Canadian economy.

Lab 67, a science whiz show, presented a lively demonstration relating to the chemical aspect of paper production. Visitors on the plaza could watch a demonstration of French Canadian artisans making paper by hand.

Aerial view of the Pulp & Paper pavilion shows the stylized forest.a

View of the Pulp & Paper pavilion with the Steel pavilion behind it.
Photo by Bill Dutfield.

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