Museum of Art

The Museum of Art, which displayed fine arts and aculpture, featured 188 paintings from 40 countries and 50 pieces of sculpture in a modern museum. Unlike most museums that classified works by period, the paintings and sculptures were aranged along ten main themes; Man and Love, Man himself (portraits), Man and his Conflicts, Man and his Work and Play, Man and Nature, Man and Infinity, Man the Visionary, etc.

Within the Museum of Art.

It was possible for the first time in a show of masterpeices to see how different cultures have treated the same subject. In Man and Love, a 15th century tapestry showing courtly love was placed near a Van Dyck (family love), a mother and child group by the Bambara tribe in West Sudan, and a William Blake's Adam and Eve (spiritual love).

Hundreds of thousands of visitors wandered through the spacious halls of the museum, stopping to admire the Egyptian statute of Amenhotep loaned by the Cairo Museum, or to marvel at the colossal head of man, an Olmec sculpture from ancient Mexico

In another part of the site was an exhibition of contemporary sculpture. There were works by Noguchi, Chadre, Bill and Lardera surrounded Rodin's great "Balzac" enthroned on the slopes of a glade. Lower down, among the rose beds, were works by Moore, Calder, Gabo, Jacobsen and Martini. Further on, in harmony with a quiet garden, were sculptures by Giacimetti, Zadkine, Gargallo, Lehmbruck and several others that formed a circle around Picasso's "Bathers".

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