Man & Health

The heart of the Man and Health pavilion was "Meditheater" which ingeniously combined theater, cinema and technology to demonstrate the achievements of modern medicine. The film showed open-heart surgery and a cesarean birth among its numerous operations. The later technique was quite graphic. The surgeon cut deep into the woman's abdomen and into the womb. She gushed blood and then the surgeon quickly pulled the baby out through the cut. I was sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor in the first row when I suddenly passed out. Luckily nobody noticed in the darken theater, and by the time I came to, they were in the middle of open-heart surgery.

The Man & Health Pavilion is on the right and the towering Man & Community Pavilion on the left.

The five exhibits halls surrounding Meditheater described some of the world's major health problems; malnutrition, overeating, air and water pollution, cancer, the adaptation of hospital services to the age of technology and exploding population, research into the freezing of organs, the effects of LSD, and the development of medicine to space travel.

Display of artificial body parts that surgeons use to replace man's faulty or worn out living tissue.

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