Man and Music

Man & Music pavilion.
Photo by Bill Dutfield.

Although this pavilion was expressly devoted to music, inside it was curiously silent. Upon entering the visitor was given an audio-loop receiver, so that he could tune into the taped and "live" descriptions at the various exhibits. Most of the presentations were audio-visual with slides or film.

The pavilion was quiet and visitors experienced the exhibits with audio-loop receivers.

The Three Ages of Canadian Music was an audio-visual panorama created by musicologist Andree Desaultels. A collage of photographs, drawings and facimiles and reproductions, together with tape recordings, described the birth and development of music in Canada. The three stages were New France in the 17th and 18th centuries, A Musical Colony of Europe, and the 20th Century.

The final experience was a cinema presentation that amuseingly described the various forms of music, such as the fugue, the sonata, and rondo. The drawings in the film were by Canadian animator Norman McLaren.

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