Canadian Pacific - Cominco

Canadian Pacific - Cominco's 12 sided theater building featured a revolutionary twenty minute, six-screen film in its 545 seat theater. The film by Francis Thompson and Alexander Hammid was a glorious multi-image tribute to youth. It attempted to follow the difficult road to maturity in a succession of spited episodes. (See Article on multi-screen films).

Scenes from the multimedia presentation.

Afterwards people proceeded to a second building which featured an exhibit "Five Plus One" about man's five senses. The first room, dedicated to Touch, had huge photographs that showed kissing, shaving and other touch experiences. Then visitors attempted between identical looking surfaces which were, in fact rough or smooth, hot or cold, flat or curved. The Taste area consisted of a machine dispensing flavored (maple, mint, licorice and coffee) candy balls. The Sight area showed the role that shapes play in daily life, and in the Sound area, recordings illustrated sound characteristics. Finally for Smell, metal cylinders like organ pipes emitted a variety of odors to identify.

Its finale brought all five senses together in a presentation using 12 projectors that threw pictures onto a curved wall. They showed the roles of the sponsoring companies in Canadian life.

Canadian Pacific - Cominco at night.

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