Brewer's Pavilion

The Brewers of Canada pavilion with its barrel-like dark brown curves, has three sections; the restaurant, La Brasserie in the large rotunda; a second rotunda presenting the story of beer through the ages and a puppet theater; and a third rotunda housing kitchens.

The Brewers Pavilion.

The pavilion's historical section showed beer drinkers of ancient times; Greeks and Romans, Gauls and Teutons. It also explained how barley could be blended with wheat or how ale could be flavored with ginger or hops.

The pavilion's puppet show was for children. On a circular stage in a theater seating 200, some 50 puppets presented a story entitled "Fun Fantasy", a humorous tour of Canada.

Of course beer was the choice of drink at the terraced beer gardens. The visitor had a choice of 67 kinds of beer. And the restaurants specialized on dishes based on recipes using beer instead of wine.

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